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Heavy Duty Pullers

Aqua Specialized Transport has prime movers with 600 tons capacity namely FH 520 6x4 Volvo pullers. These travel at a maximum speed of 52 kmph, these on fuel consumption and are equipped hydraulic jacks of 30 tonne capacity and heavy duty front axles with unit bearing.

Key features

·FH 520 6x4 Volvo puller
·Six cylinder, inline direct –injection diesel engine
·Engine management system for driving information and diagnosis
·Extra fuel filter and water separator
·Cab-mounting with coil springs and shock absorbers
·Seats and steering wheel adjustment
·Wheel base of 3885m
·Turning circle diameter 13500
·Wide angle construction rear view mirror
·Max speed geared 52kmph
·Low fuel consumption equipped with hydraulic jacks capable of 30 tonne capacity
·Synchronized range change gearbox with splitter unit
·Heavy duty front axels with unit bearing
·Power steering with adjustable steering wheel and provided with steering lock
·Steering wheel; diameter of 450mm
·Conventional multi-leaf spring with threaded spring bolts and shackle
·Double –action shock absorbers
·Axels –mounting with V-stay and reaction rods
·Dual line air brake system
·Z came brakes with automatic adjustment
·Wheel rim size 7.5”x20”
·Tyre size of 11000R 20 Radius

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