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Heavy-Lift Solutions

Aqua Specialized Transport offers expert advice and customized solutions for the movement of heavy or odd-dimensional consignments. The Indian terrain presents numerous logistical challenges, such as structural deficiencies, gradients, curves etc.

Aqua Specialized Transport's team of experts plan the project based on feasibility studies and route surveys. They make recommendations on the optimum mode of transport, road or water, appropriate carrier, puller, trailer or other equipment. Optimum selection of equipment and scientific load planning methods are crucial in ensuring smooth and safe movement of the consignment.

The crew accompanying the consignment is committed to ensuring smooth and safe transit of the high-value equipment. Each member of the crew is an expert in working out solutions to problems that may be encountered on the way. Many of these problems are anticipated when the route survey is carried out and necessary solutions are worked out prior to the actual movement. Our crew is also equipped to take decisions and remedial action wherever necessary. Our clients are kept informed of the progress of movement and status of the consignment at regular intervals.

Heavy-Lift Equipment

Aqua Specialized Transport has a fleet of heavy-lift equipment such as Heavy-duty pullers, hydraulic axle trailers and an array of accessories such as bolster systems, turn tables and distance frames.

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