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Mechanical Trailers

Aqua Specialized Transport consist of line of Mechanical trailers which are used for moving the consignment to the desired location on due time.

The Tata LPS 4923 TC 6x4 BS II Tractor is a 49ton GCW Tractor-Trailer. The vehicle has been fitted with a proven world class Cummins engine with matching Eaton gearbox. It offers 25% grade ability for use in tough terrains. The vehicle has inverted bogie suspension, which has long life and good axle alignment retention property, used for the first time by Tata Motors in this class of vehicle. It is a durable and world-class vehicle, with easy maintenance, less down time and offers enhanced safety and comfort features. The engine delivers a superior power of 230HP. Its torque is 814 Nm resulting in less fatigue and more mileage. The vehicle has been fitted with an Anti Lock Brake System (ABS). The Tata LPS 4923 offers some more additional product features such as inter-axle differential lock, serrated coupling, small silencer size, propeller shaft, water-cooled compressor, air-assisted clutch booster. It has 3 variants - cowl, cabin chassis and fully built with 3-axle trailer. Ideal vehicle for steel coil, cement, containers and ODC (over dimensional cargo).

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